Visual prototyping for Triodos Bank mortgage solution on responsive web: Desktop / Tablet / Mobile



 User Interface

 When a client is looking for mortgages, he usually compares the options on the market in different companies. Having an agile, clear and intuitive product that provides you with the necessary information in a few steps to know whether or not you are interested in the products, is of vital importance in the real estate sector today. That's exactly what we achieve with Triodos Bank's mortgage calculator.

Triodos Responsive Snipped

Once they have entered the basic data of the house, users get the results through a calculator where they can easily vary the amounts and repayment terms, returning some results or others depending on what type of mortgage they choose. They also have the possibility to see more details of the costs and conditions of each one. Finally, the request final price button takes you to start the final simulation process.


We also helped in the creation of the additional conditions document that could be downloaded by the user, where the information was clear, concise and hierarchical for a better understanding. 


This is a small excerpt from the project. It's available online throught the Triodos website at:





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