Digital product for the company Acciona where companies can consult their invoicing, forecasts and unavailability load in a simple, visual and direct way.



User Experiencia + User Interface Part

Before moving on to the design phase, we prototyped the main screens of the tool in low-fidelity wireframes. We worked with the client on the information architecture, hierarchies and functionalities that NewWave should have and how they would be displayed in the digital product. 

NewWave - Preview - Home UX

With the prototypes approved, we moved on to the design phase. Here are some screenshots and highlights of the tool.

NewWave - Preview - Home with explanation

In the forecasting screen, one of the challenges was to integrate the new time system. In the end, a double-filling system was chosen: one automatic and one manual. You can save time by automatically filling in all and editing only the particular cases you need. 

NewWave - Preview - New forecast

Here you can see a small preview of the screen workflow of the application.

NewWave - Workflow Preview




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